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Game Show


Bringing you the Million Dollar Live Stage Game Show “Lovers or Losers” in Fabulous Las Vegas. Every day, millions of lovers come to Las Vegas to get married! Why not showcase your luck while celebrating your love on the Million Dollar Live Game Show “Lovers or Losers”! If you are a Loving Couple going to Vegas you are welcome to use your skills, smarts, and love on the battlefield as contestants on “Lovers or Losers”. The winning couple will be crowned “The Lovers” of the night and even win prizes. One Lucky Contestant will have the opportunity to try their luck and win One Million Dollars! “Lovers or Losers” takes the game show experience to another level - It’s quick, it’s amusing, it’s totally unpredictable with a dash of all that hot Las Vegas attitude. The show is a MUST SEE experience on the Vegas strip! For those special people who play, and win! our media promotions, we are offering a Free Vegas Getaway for couples. The “Lovers or Losers” Give-Away includes 3 days and 2 nights’ accommodations in exciting Las Vegas, plus $100 in promotional slot play on us!

Game Show


Game Show

Lovers or Losers

The Million Dollar Game Show!

You will have a blast watching or being a contestant on the number one Live Game Show in Las Vegas, Lovers or Losers!

The Pride of Downtown Vegas
The games range from Guessing how people on the street answered questions like.

To physical games like working together to complete a task.

You never know what we are going to come up with next.



Terry and Louise. Where are you guys coming from? From Canada.... It was awesome! So glad we came. Yeah we would come again!... You'd come again?? All the way from BC again to see the show? That's great! Will be here again, so when we are here we will definitely make the trip for you. Terrific! What was your favorite part of the show? Getting on stage. It was just so funny! My guts hurt, just everything was funny... It was really good.

Terry and Louise, From Canada


Talking with Mark and Kayleen! from Colorado. It was fabulous! We loved it! It was probably the best part of our whole trip! Way, way recommend it! It was much better than being out on the strip! This was perfect!

Mark and Kayleen, From Colorado