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The Game Show



Millions of Lovers come to Las Vegas daily to tie the knot! Why not showcase your love and luck at the Live Game Show “Lovers or Losers’. Loving couples visiting Vegas are invited to use their skills, smarts, and love on the battlefield as contestants on “Lovers or Losers’. The winning couple will be crowned “The Lovers” of the night and even win prizes. Every episode, one lucky contestant will have a chance to win One Million Dollars! “Lovers or Losers’ takes the game show experience to a new level - It’s fast, it’s funny, it’s totally unpredictable with a dash all that sexy Las Vegas attitude. The show is a MUST SEE experience on the Vegas strip! For those special people who play, and win!, our media promotions, Lovers or Losers is offering a Free Vegas Getaway for couples. The “Lovers or Losers’ Give-Away includes 3 days and 2 nights’ accommodations in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada.


Lovers or Losers

The Million Dollar Game Show

You will have a blast watching or being a contestant on the Million Dollar Game Show in Las Vegas, Lovers or Losers.


The Pride of Downtown Vegas
The games range from Guessing how people on the street answered questions like.

To physical games like working together to complete a task.

On Stage

What was your favorite part of the show? Everything! I really enjoyed everything. It was pretty good, competing against our friends. It was alright. Glad you guys had a good time tonight... So is this something you would recommend to your friends back home? Absolutely! It was a really good show...

Come on Come By Lovers or Losers

You guys come to Las Vegas, you have to come to Lovers or Losers! Come on down to Lovers or Losers. you're loser if you don't come. If you don't come, you're not ready, you're not right, it's a fun show. Let's get it on!

Get It On!! Lovers or Losers Game Show