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Lovers or Losers


It is not a long story, the first couple you guys called up, couple number 1; they we're name Bryan and Ashley. Well, my ex wife's name is Ashley and her ex's name is Bryan. So, we we're destined to win today just like we won six years ago.

Not a Long Story

I had an awesome time! It's a great show. You gotta come to Lovers Or Losers, interactive show! If you come to Vegas, you gotta come to the show. It's great, it's awesome, I loved it!

Awesome Time at Lovers or Losers


If you're ever in Vegas, you absolutely have to come to see the show Lovers or Losers. It's hysterical, you can't stop laughing.

Lovers or Losers If Ever In Vegas



It was fun. Lots of fun. So what was your favorite part of the show? The goofy answers. Any one answer in particular, that sticks in your mind? Not really, maybe the very last guy. I was afraid he was gonna get in trouble. Ha ha yeah he will probably be sleeping alone tonight.

Mark Wife LoversorLosers

When you come to Vegas, you have to come to Lovers or Losers!

Yeah !!! Lovers or Losers


Man! I had a lovely time tonight! Every time I come down here, I wanna come to Lovers or Losers. Lot of fun and extra, extra laughter! When you come to Vegas, you got to come to Lovers or Losers!

Extra Extra Laughter Lovers or Losers

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Lovers or Losers, The Game Show is currently doing focus groups after the show. We have a very interesting offer for people that are willing to watch the show and share their opinions and suggestions with us.